Pocket Pets
Pocket Pets These adorable creatures were originally animals from the wild. But as pets, they are totally dependent on us for their food, care, and companionship. Pocket pets are cute, entertaining, and generally make great pets for small spaces.

Careful thought should be given to which pet you choose. Certain pets require more care than others. Some are active at night and others during the day. They are usually quiet but fun to watch because they are very active.

Pocket pets can be good with adults; however, some can be dangerous and will bite. Caution must be taken when a pocket pet is around any children.

Diets vary greatly from seeds and grasses to insects and nectars. For the most part, their diet can be obtained from pet stores.

Pocket pets require little veterinary care; however, checkups and occasional illnesses will require a qualified veterinarian to take care of your furry friend. Saukville Veterinary Clinic specializes in all exotic pets, including pocket pets. Contact us for all of your needs.

Some of the more popular pocket pets are listed below. See which one is best for you.
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