~ Remembering our Beloved Dogs ~

Bentley Our youngest SON as we called him, was an Australian Cattle dog/Border Collie mix named Bentley.  We were blessed to have him in our lives for 13 years.  He has been this family's only dog, and always very protective of all of us.  No one was allowed to play to rough, he would bark and cry and get in between to make it stop.  His only fur companions were cats, and at times we believed he thought he was a cat.  We always joked around that if we could only teach him to meow he'd fit right in.  We loved him with all our hearts and the hardest part was saying goodbye to such a gentle hearted friend!

Maya Maya gave us many years of happiness and companionship. We will miss her dearly.

Patches Our beloved dog Patches, a 15 year old Shitzipoo was the sweetest pet anyone could ever ask for. He grew up with the kids to be a loving companion. He loved to play outside chasing his frisbee and also loved to cuddle up with his big bone and teddy. He brought us so much joy and will be forever missed.

Chancey My beloved best friend, Chancey, is gone. I brought him home as a puppy almost 13 years ago. He was the most perfect Golden Retriever I could have ever asked for. He was such a happy boy! His favorite things were riding in the car (to go anywhere or nowhere) and swimming in lake Michigan even in the freezing water. We went through a lot together and he was always by my side. When I got married, Chancey and Tom became best buddies and we were a terrific threesome. Chancey pants we miss you sooooo much! You will always be in our hearts and never forgotten. Keep Mom company until I see you both again! All my love, Kim

Sadie We lost our Sadie Memorial day weekend. She owned us for ten years. She was four when she picked us out to be her family at the Humane society. She loved to go everywhere with her daddy, especially walks along the lake. Sadie loved attention. Everyone who met her told her how pretty she was. We miss you and will love you furever!

Sunny I had 13 beautiful years with my special golden boy, Norman. He was my best friend and most loyal companion. He was always right by my side. We had such fun playing with tennis balls, swimming in the lakes, camping, exploring the woods or just hanging out at home. Norman, I miss you so! You will be forever loved and never forgotten. Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. ...Mom

Sunny Sunny spent the last three years of his life with us. We shared joyous runs through the snow, long sniffing walks, and nap time with him. He reminded us that there's nothing like the love of an old dog and we will miss him dearly.

Princess Princess had a wonderful 14 years full of life. I had taken her in on her 9th birthday from a coworker who had to move out of state where they wouldn't allow dogs. I was honored for her to allow me to be Princess' new mommy. Princess loved to be outside whether it was playing in her kitty pool with her tennis balls and frisbee to snorting and jumping into snow. She will be forever missed and never forgotten.

Bella On April 8, 2016 our beautiful Bella crossed the Rainbow Bridge. In January 2005 we adopted an adorable ball of energy from the Humane Society. She was a Shepherd/Akita mix that was full of love and playfulness. Bella brought a great deal of joy to our family. She is missed immensely and is forever in our hearts. We miss the sassy silliness of the Queen of our family. We could not have picked a better dog for our first family pet!

Frankie Our Frankie crossed the Rainbow Bridge on March 20th, 2016. He was a beautiful tri-color Basset Hound, who was just shy of 14. He has had a wonderful life with us since 2002. It was difficult to see him go, yet hopefully our Lucy welcomed him in. He was a great companion, and a gentle dog. Frankie had a kind soul, and he was loved by lots, and will be missed by many. We will miss all of the excitement via crying, whimpering, baying, and other noisy shenanigans he would partake in during any visit to Saukville Veterinary Clinic. He was our excitable boy, and he proudly displayed it! WE MISS AND LOVE YA, BUDDY!Love, Matthew, Lisa, Claire, Jaden, and Georgie

Bernie Goodbye to our sweet Kentucky-born hound dog, Bernie Brewer. Gentle, timid, funny, loving – with the biggest, saddest, marble eyes you’ve ever seen and the softest, brightest white fur on this chest – he was 13 years old. Our favorite Bernie memories include the day he picked us at the WI Humane Society, when he cleared an entire cheese-and-sausage plate at a holiday party, and the way he would dart after rabbits and birds. He never quite appreciated Wisconsin winters, and nothing scared him more than skateboards. However he loved to “sing” with the train whistle every day, and curl up like a cinnamon roll in the living room chair (especially when the sunlight fell there). We’ll never stop missing his sweet, gentle companionship. We love you, Bernie!
DylanI've had Scooter since I was 10 yrs old. He is my family's first dog who I loved more than anything. He holds so much of my heart. We cared for him so much and so did everyone else that met him. He was so lovable, cute, and entertaining. He was always the center of attention and still is a main topic of conversion. Even though he is greatly missed, it was for the best that he passed. He had many health issues. I know he felt loved as he passed away in his sleep while I slept on the floor next to him that night. We were so lucky to have 15 amazing years with him even though it doesn't feel like enough time. RIP our lil Scoot Scoot.
DylanThis month we lost our precious Dylan. He has given us such joy these past 14 years. Dylan was an awesome Frisbee catcher, the boys would toss him a Frisbee and he always caught it. He loved to hunt and was one of the best pheasant hunting/ retrieving dogs around. He loved to open Christmas presents, we would even wrap old toys just to see him open them, cause it was so funny. Dylan never barked, curled a lip at anyone and would let kids climb all over him. He loved his cat siblings too. One time our cat Mindy was stuck in the snow and Dylan scooped her out with his nose. He has just become so arthritic and does not hear anything anymore ( although he has adjusted to sign language well). He can hardly walk anymore and has dropped down to 55 pounds. Although none of us want to let him go, we know we have to for his sake.
SadieWe had 10 wonderful years with Sadie! Our beautiful shitzapoo! Sadie was the queen of the household knew what she wanted. (And got it!) She was one of a kind. She is missed so very much every day. She was our best friend till we meet again we will have the memories.
MooseI had 9 wonderful years with Moose! My beautiful Scottish Terrier is on his own cloud in heaven next to my other pets and my parents! I called him my honey bun because he was so sweet! When my heart stops I will see them all!
LinusLinus was adopted as a puppy in the summer of 2010. He was 50% Boxer and 50% Weimaraner and had quite the personality! He and his fur sister, a boxer/lab named Lucy, were best of friends. They played hard together: wrestling, tumbling, playing chase full speed in the yard. It was a show of real athleticism. But they also snuggled in the house. Lucy admired Linus and followed his lead. Linus had an amazing spirit. He loved people and other dogs, and was loved in return. He would follow you around the house, always wanting to be with you. Even if you were a stranger coming to fix the furnace - he would be right there politely watching. He was very high energy and excitable and learned to channel it. For instance, every night when prepping his dinner he would jump in place. It was a sight to be seen, he could really get up there. His hobbies included chasing various animals out of our yard, catching birds that few by (!!), and running the agility course at Dawgs in Motion! He really was the perfect dog to us. Smart, calm, and confident. Loaded with energy, but gentle and affectionate. A real companion for us, our kids, and for Lucy dog. We're blessed to have had 5 years with him. We will miss him dearly.
FluffyOur sweet Fluffy went to heaven after bringing years of joy and laughter to our family. She had a rough start at life as she was sent back to the shelter two times before we fell in love with her. With her bark, her fur, and her crazy smile my brother and mom knew she would be the perfect companion for Grandpa. Grandpa was going through a tough time himself as he just moved out of his home in Milwaukee and into a senior apartment in Grafton. Fluffy was the exact companion that would make the transition a little easier; and what a companion she was. She loved to nap, she loved to snuggle, she loved a good snack and a light walk. She brought such happiness to Grandpa. Once Grandpa passed away, our family inherited her and she continued to bring the joy to us that she once brought to Grandpa. We now know she is reunited with Grandpa, napping, snacking, cuddling, and taking light walks. She was truly a princess through and through. We love you, Fluffy!
RockyDooRocky aka Rocky doo was our beloved golden boy of 15 years. He left our family with beautiful, funny memories. Like the times the local school would call and say your dog is here again playing with the kids at recess. You were such a lover so very gentle. Words canNOT describe how much we loved you and miss you buddy, but the memories we will cherish always." Until we meet again, at the Rainbow Bridge" my sweet, sweet boy....

MaggieMaggie was an amazing member of our family for 13 years! We were so lucky and blessed to have her for as long as we did. She loved us all unconditionally and we loved her the same. She came EVERYWHERE with us. She loved going camping and up north...what she loved most though was just being with us! She had a favorite toy. A disc golf!! She would carry it everywhere with her and loved going to the park and fetching it. She loved swimming too and was the most graceful swimmer I have ever seen! Our hearts are broken that she is not here with us anymore but she will live in our hearts forever. We love you Mags! Mom, Dad, Kaila and Alex.

ReeseResse was our very happy and loveable black lab! She grew up side-by-side with her mom, Scout. She had an unbelievable nose for bird hunting! During her short 6 years of life, Reese became best buddies with our son, Ashton ♡ They cuddled every single night, all night long! Reese will ALWAYS be in our family's heart!! We smile knowing she is with her buddy, Trapper in doggie Heaven!.

Sir IvanSir Ivan James was a member of our family for 7 1/2 years. He touched the heart of everyone he met. His favorite thing to do was to ride in a semi traveling over 4000 miles. He also loved cheese & carrots. He was 150 lbs of pure love and is greatly missed.

JuJuJuju was our beloved friend and constant companion from 2001-2014, logging more than 50,000 miles on visits to Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Oklahoma and of course, Wisconsin during her lifetime. She was our brave and scrappy defender, protecting us from deer, postmen, thunderstorms...and pretty much anyone other than her mom and dad! We will love and miss her deeply, completely and always. Thank you to the Saukville Veterinary Clinic for helping us to care for her.

TuckerTucker was with our family before we were a family. He was the first "purchase" my wife and I made together when engaged. He grew with our family with moves from apartment to first house back to apartment to the home that we built. He was there when we brought home our first child and we thought now what. He also was there for our second child. He will always have a place in our hearts. Tucker (AKC name Bryans 1st Brit Tucker).

JakeJake was a blind wire-haired fox terrier that gave our family unconditional love and inspiration. He loved his blue 'sports' blanket so much that he would occasionally watch the washer while it was being cleaned. Whenever you went to pet him, he may have been startled but you could expect his affection immediately after. Although he may needed directional guidance with walking, he showed us that walking alone in the dark is better than walking alone in the light. Jake saw the good in life and, in turn, he gave us another reason to see the good in life as well. We'll miss you Jakey, but the next time we see you, you'll see us.

BeatriceBeatrice was my special girl. I adopted her from a rescue at 6 months old. She went from a cage agressive and scared dog, to the sweetest most kindest basset I've ever had. She never had anything bad to say, only good things, lots of kisses and total devotion until the day she died, at almost 14 1/2 years old!. Beatrice was my secretary in the office. She loved to steal pens and reading glasses off my desk. We called her "Secretary Sally". She was funny and full of energy. She started losing the use of her back legs at 13, so I had a special cart made for her. Beatrice was a huge part of my daily life. I miss her terribly, but know I did everything for her, from her rescue to her daily hospice care at the end. She will go on forever in my mind. I love you sweet Beatrice.
LucyLucy, our Basset Hound, went to the Rainbow Bridge on February 18th, 2014, just shy of 10 years old. We obtained Lucy, at 8 months old, from Basset Buddies Rescue (TM) shortly after Christmas in 2004, and have loved her presence in our house. She was a kisser, a wagger, and a whimperer. She enjoyed the company of people, and our Basset Hound, Frankie. She had a great life with us, and is very special to us. We miss you lots SQUIRT, and will fondly remember all of the good times we had with you, and the joy you brought us everyday!

CasperCasper was meant to be with me. When I picked her up, she was from a litter of five Scottish terrier puppies, and for some reason I picked her out immediately. She has been from day one the most unpredictable, independent dog I ever expected, yet taught me so much. I learned respect, patience and what is truly unconditional love from her, along with a litany of other wonderful qualities. After almost 14 years together, my heart was crushed when I realized it was her time. I would mostly like to thank the superior staff at Saukville Vet. They treat me like a family member, and did so much for Casper - if you want the best care, knowledge and compassion, this is the place to come. I am forever grateful!.
CassieCassie - received her in 2002- lost her in October 2013. We were going to name her Katie but my daughter-in-law was just pregnant and if they had a girl they were going to name HER Katie. So-o-o-o we named her Cassie. By the time our 'grandson' arrived we had gotten used to her name. Cassie was a good dog, although she scared us a few times by wandering to the neighbors or across Granville Rd. or chasing deer. She even caught a fawn. She kept the undesirables away from the house. We had lots of squirrels, deer, muskrats etc. for her to chase. She didn't like riding in a car so we didn't take her too many places.

RileyOur Riley was the best boy ever, of course we are a bit partial. Riley made friends everywhere he went; Tendick Park, Dawgs in Motion, our neighbors, many doctors and staff. Thanks Dr. Shepard and everyone at Saukville Vet for your care and support. What a special loving dog he was, 7 1/2 years was way too short. I will miss our long walks together even the very early morning walks. We went through so much joy and too much pain together. He is now with his best friend Lexi, running through the grass and getting into mischief. Miss you so much Riley our beautiful, kind, sweet dog. 2/4/2014

GeselleGeselle Un Sellevendwant (Companion and Soulmate) -- 13 April 02 - 25 Jul 13 --she lived up to her name..and will forever be missed as a member of our family. Geselle was honestly my best friend, loyal companion, precious daughter, for 11 years. I am thankful to have shared her life with mine since I held her when she was two weeks old...and held her until she crossed over the rainbow bridge. Her paw prints will forever be etched upon my heart, and the hearts of my family and friends who had the pleasure of sharing moments of their lives with hers. I'll miss my 'Snuggle Bug'...looking into her eyes and seeing the love and joy in her beautiful, compassionate brown eyes...watching her wag her little nubby-tail...seeing her run to me from the back yard, not answering to her name, but could hear the word 'treat' in her sleep. Through all the best times in our lives and the worst, she was faithfully there to lick away the tears of sadness and joy, to hug when I needed one, to share my dreams with so I was never alone. Mysti and I will always keep your spot on the bed and couch, for no other can replace your presence; you will remain with us in spirit for the remainder of our lives. This is not goodbye my forever friend, simply 'see you later' -- Until we meet again Selly Belly~ I Love You..
RosieOur darling Rosie came to us in July, 2000 at the age of just 5 months old and she was called home the afternoon of October 22, 2013. She was a magnificent mix of Border Collie and Lab. Rosie, what can we say?? You are so very much missed by your family and most of all, your closest canine companion, Jake. He misses you, Rosie…..we all miss you, Rosie, you were a once-in-a-lifetime dog; so smart, so intuitive. Rosie never met a ball she didn’t like; she could run and retrieve all day if you let her. When arthritis and old age finally crept up on you, we could always see that faraway look in your eyes whenever Jake took off with his ball. You missed it, girl…..we knew it and now, you are in a better place where you can run free and have the best time without pain and able to hear and see everything, just as when you were a pup. Rest peacefully, dear girl….you’ve earned it. We will never forget you, Rosie. You are forever in our hearts and memories.
Frank, Karen, David and Jake
LinusTrinity we all miss you and those big puppy dog eyes. I couldn't have asked for a bigger sweetheart of a dog. You were the one constant while I went through some of the biggest changes in my life over the last 14 years. You were my companion and cheered me up during the rough times. You became a great family dog for Gabby and Ryan. Grandpa is missing his walks with you and stuffing you with treats.
RIP Trinity 4/27/1999-6/27/2013

GracieThank you Gracie Lou for 13 great years--you were truly a priceless family member and we will miss you girl.

Gone from my sight, forever in my heart.
May 14 1997- May 15 2013

MottMott was my first service dog and he really changed my life. Even after Mott retired from his seeing eye duties, he was still my best friend and companion (no offense Callie, I love you too). My wife, who did not like dogs, came to love Mott as much as I did. Mott, you are missed.

MaggieMaggie was definitely a one of a kind wire-haired fox terrier with an extroverted yet loving attitude. She loved her pork chop chew toy, her stuffed "babies," and to sprawl herself across her mommy's lap. She had learned to do unique tricks with her dad and loved to jump up onto his lap once he sat down on his chair, they were quite the sight to see. Even though it's so hard to say goodbye after sharing nine years with Maggie, the laughter and smiles which she gave all of us will ensure that her memory will last a lifetime. We'll miss you Maggie!

Patches"Patches" was our 13 year old Black Retriever, who was the greatest camping dog you could find. He loved going camping, he always knew when we were packing up the camper, he would sit by the truck and wait for the door to open. If our kids open the door, he jumped in and sat there no matter what time we were packing up. He would look at us like saying, your not leaving me home! At camp every morning was walk time, I didn't know dogs could sniff so many trees and rocks till we took him camping! He would lay there and watch everyone walk by. The only time he really growled once was the Clydesdales were pulling a haywagon, I think he didn't like the vibration of the ground.You were so laid back and a great companion for the kids. Our friends called you Billy goat, because your head was the right Height! You will be sadly missed by all who knew you! Till we meet again Rest In Peace!"
CodyCody, our beloved Sheltie, lived a full life of 15 years. Long, but not long enough, he was a fighter who had a will to live that would not quit. Cody was there for his family no matter the aches & pains he may have gained in his later years. He was a great father & trainer to others in his life. Cody fulfilled his heritage traits of herding through his family, he would let you know if you were one of his "sheep" that was out of line. Cody will never be forgotten with the personality & the will he had. Rest In Peace, Cody (August 8, 1997- October 30, 2012)

RudyRudy was our 13 year old Airdale. He was a great companion.
We will miss you Rudy!

JebJeb was our beloved yellow lab hunting dog for a short 10 months, he was an amazing, loving and fun dog and he will be greatly missed!

ObieIn August 2008 we decided to adopt a senior dog Obie, in the hopes of giving them the best retirement. In return he gave us almost four years of undying love and some of the best memories we'll ever have.

CodyCody was our very beloved crazy dog. He was very set in his ways but always gave us unconditional love. He didn't like to share his Daddy with anyone including the new grand kids and other dogs. He was always there to greet us when we came home with tail wagging and lots of kisses. He wasn't young anymore but he went too fast for us - we thought we'd have many more years with him. He will be sadly missed by us all - we loved him much!

TootsieRest in Peace My Dearest Baby Girl I will always love you.
Tootsie, June 2, 2000 - Feb. 18, 2012

GingerOur Ginger will be missed, she was a stuborn girl but thats what made us smile, she loved her car rides, stuffed animals ,her owner the late David, loved her couch and those who sat on it be warned! She was the best companion anyone could of asked for thru thick and thin she was my girl. Rip Ginger 02-15-12

BrutusBrutus our Gentle Giant labrador We thank Dr. Sheperd & the staff of Saukville Vet Clinic for the care & understanding of our beloved Gentle Giant, Brutus , laid to rest Jan. 2, 2012. We will all miss him.

MaxMax was half Lab, quarter Old English Sheep Dog, quarter Giant Schnauzer (Mom was Lab Giant Schnauzer; Dad was Lab, Old English Sheep Dog). Max was with us a short nine-and-a-half years. Words can't describe the love and joy Max brought to our family. Max loved carrots, loved helping to cut vegetables, bunny runs and long walks…in good weather. Max refused to go outside in rain and cut outside time short in weather extreme (Hot or Cold). Max loved sleeping on the Bed and would fight, just a bit, for the spot. Max enjoyed holding things for ransom—coasters, TV remotes, books, pillows... Max had a personality and an attitude, but always managed to listen well. Max loved tarring around the house and put his agility training to good use on several occasions where jumping furniture and people were required. Relaxing time meant sharing a favorite toy with Mom & Dad while watching TV; each of us got a toy to hold after a brief play session. Max made a point of watching over my daughter when they were younger using body blocks to get her away from what he perceived as danger or unacceptable activity. Max had extraordinary determination and was loving and faithful to the end. To us, Max was a one-of-a-kind Dog with a one-of-a-kind personality. Max is, and will be, loved and missed every day. While the pain and hurt will slowly dissolve, Max will never be forgotten—5/4/2002 to 12/30/2011.
RamboRambo, son of Mambo. Rambo the Siberian Husky was born on July 17, 1998 in Durango Colorado to the proud parents Mambo and Saffron Morse. He was the free spirit in the litter and soon made his home 25 miles south of Durango in Aztec, NM. He moved into a beautiful one room dog house in Dutchman's Hill subdivision looking down on the community of Cedar Hill, NM. His house was on a ridge looking down to Cedar Hill about 500 feet below. To the north was a wonderful view of the La Plata and San Juan mountain ranges of southern Colorado. Rambo enjoyed walks with his human, Bob. He also enjoyed the occasional road kill bird jerky he used to find on those walks. They were also occasionally joined on those walks by Bob's cat, Harley. That is of course until Harley disappeared while Bob was away on business. Bob was never sure if Rambo actually ate Harley. He never confessed to it, so we will never know. Then came the day when Rambo and Bob had to leave Cedar Hill. They packed up their things and moved into the nearby town of Farmington, NM. While in Farmington, Rambo befriended a young female Doberman. He never even knew her name but soon, along came the puppies. Rambo was not a very good dad. His free spirit left him somewhat ambivalent about his pups. Then that free spirit got the better of him and he left with his human for Wisconsin. As is so often the case with humans, Rambo lost his house in NM to the pooch he had blessed with his litter. In Wisconsin, Rambo lived out his senior years in a quiet kennel living in an Igloo. I guess thats what happens when you move from the warm south to the frozen tundra of Wisconsin. Rambo was put to rest on January 7, 2012. Rest in Peace, Rambo... He was a good old pooch.
EmilyWe had to say good-bye to our beloved Wheaten Terrier, Emily, on 11-11-11. Emily would have been 12 years old in January. She was a people dog and loved all of our kids and grand kids and we will truly miss her. Dr. Shepherd and the staff at Saukville vet clinic cared for her all of her life and were wonderful as she faced serious illness and old age. We will miss her romping in the gardens and chasing squirrels out of the yard. She was a part of our family and we all feel as though our hearts are broken. Thank you Saukville Clinic for your excellent medical care and compassion.

LuckyLucky was our gentle giant who liked to snuggle and share. It was typical of him to bring me a toy, and then find one for himself before laying beside me. Thank you buddy, for 8 years of unconditional love. We miss you. Thanks also to everyone at Saukville Vet for all of your support and encouragement.

BaileeBailee, our beautiful boxer girl, brought laughter, joy, and unconditional love to our family. She was more than our boxer; she was a true companion to Mom, a faithful family member always ready for a morning walk with Dad, a loyal pal to her "siblings" both human and canine, an always available and understanding shoulder to cry on during times of joy or sadness. She was our Bailee girl. She lived a life full of gusto through and through enjoying the small things like drinking from the bathroom faucet (but don't let Dad catch you), bopping her basketball around the yard, playing with her pully-pully, snuggling in with Mom and Dad for T.V. time at night, playing catch with brother Andy and his dogs, and always spending the night on the bed with brother Matt or with sister Beth when they spent the night home from college. We in the Bongard family are honored and proud to call Bailee our dog and we know with confidence and faith that she has finally found her eternal home and is playing with her cousins who have gone on before her. We know one day we will join her again and until then, she will be anxiously waiting, tail wagging fervently, greeting us with kisses like none other for each of us. We love you Bailee! You will remain forever in our hearts.
LadyLady- Yellow lab/Beagle mix. Born: May 15th 1999 to August 19th, 2011. Lady was our very first family Dog! We loved her so much and she was very protective of our daughter Brittney. Lady loved to play outside, go swimming, fetch, and fishing. She would chase the bobbers after you cast your line. And she was always waiting for a fish! She also LOVED to chase the laser light! Good times! We learned that Lady had Bladder cancer about 9 months ago, and we made the hardest decision ever, to put her down when her health was deteriorating. We didn't want you to suffer ol girl! . We miss her so very much! We try to remember the good times with Lady and know that she is now up in Doggy Heaven running and playing like she is a puppy again!!! Lady, we love and miss you so much! You are the Best dog ever!!!! Hugs and Licks (kisses) Mom, Dad, Brittney, Rocky (your doggy Brother) , McKayla, and Raji. Till we meet again! We would also like to thank the staff at Saukville Vet Clinic for their kindness and thoughtfulness during this tough time in our lives! R.I.P. Lady! XXXXXOOOOOO
KelliKelli was a very loving, gentle, calm dog. She loved to give kisses and take walks. She was a great companion to me after I lost my dear husband, Randy six years ago. Kelli fell in love with my new love and future husband, Tom. He would always bring her treats so Kelli was his shadow! She had a great long life of almost 14 years. We miss her very much!

MykaylaMy Mykayla, she came into our live for a short time from the Ill Doberman Rescue on April 24, 2010. Mykayla was a sweetheart of a dog,so very laid back, so full of love one couldn't help but fall in love with her. In late Nov lymphoma was detected in her neck and had spread quickly thru her body as Feb had just started we could see her distress grow and on feb 08,2011 we had to have laid to rest. Mykayla will be greatly and sadly missed. Love You Mykayla rest in peace.

AbbeyAbbey, our 17 ½ year old Pomeranian, passed away and we are heart broken and lonely without her. She was by our side most of the time. Besides being darling, she had the most charming personality and pleasant disposition – she truly was a sweetheart. Abbey was the center of hundreds of community parades and a focal point in a special children's school program. Abbey loved walks and begging food from her daddy. Her best friends were her Popple and her Pomeranian Cousin Moni who passed away in March. Abbey was truly a blessing to our family and we cherish the many years we shared together.

HunterHunter came to us as an abused dog. It took her awhile to warm up to us and find a way to fit into our lives, but once that happened she never looked back. Hunter never lived up to her name as it turned out that she became gunshy. But she made up for it in many other ways. She became the "neighborhood pet". Everyone loved her. Her calm demeanor, her gentle attitude, kids loved to pet her and people just loved to watch her lay on the front lawn, under the shade tree watching traffic and people go by. In the later years, Hunter slowed down and began to have problems getting around. Dr. Stephani took good care of Hunter and helped her reach her golden years and beyond, almost 14 yrs old. . When the end was coming near, we asked her to give us a sign when she was ready "to go". On December 15th, she gave us that sign, and Dr. Sheperd made it his priority to help her through her final journey. . Thank you our family at the Saukville Vet Clinic for their loving care of our girl.
Reggie"Reggie....You will be sadly missed, but fondly remembered!"

HunterWe want to thank the staff and doctors for there sincere care that they gave to Hunter during his battle with cancer.

ChicaChica was a 4 year old Chihuahua who died on September 28, 2010. Chica was a wonderful little gift for our family. We purchased her at a pet store in Madison. She was a Hurricane Katrina rescue animal. From the minute she entered our home she became a bright light for every member of our family. She loved everyone, including our three cats, and our Irish Terrier Bailey, (unless there were treats around!) Chica was 4 years old when she was killed by a women driving over the speed limit and talking on her cell phone. I was standing in the middle of the street trying to get our little girl to stay on the median, but the women didn’t even slow down, and we lost our little girl. I would like to extend my appreciation to Barb Gold, a member of the Saukville Veterinary Clinic staff who was on the scene when this tragedy occurred. Her compassion for a dog she didn’t even know helped restore our family’s faith in the Good Samaritan. Chica was taken from this world much too early, and we miss her every day. We try to remember all of the love that she gave us, love that she didn’t ask for in return but received anyway. It is very difficult for us to try and comprehend why the person who did this left the scene without an apology, or leaving us contact information. No one should have to see their beloved pet killed before their eyes. Please make sure your animals) are on a leash, or in your yard in a secure way. While we cannot keep our beloved pets from passing, we can protect them from an early demise. We owe it to them for everything they give us.
RustieRustie was our 1 1/2 year old Rottweiler, Its been a week since you’ve been gone and we miss you dearly. This house just isn’t the same without you guarding it. I remember you would sit on the couch and look out the window for hours it was your favorite spot to sit and over look everything. I couldn’t ask for a better friend, you were by far the best dog ever! Rustie was a fun loving big baby who enjoyed swimming, car rides and playing with his best pal Usey, (which by the way he misses you!!). We all look back and laugh about how you thought you were a lap dog when you weighed 104 pounds J . I know your happy where you are now, chasing squirrels and rabbits and roaming free!. You big dope I can picture you running around being clumsy with your tongue hanging out J . I can’t wait to meet up with you again someday and take you swimming, or throw you that tennis ball you love so much. Mom loves you so so much rustie.!! Behave up there my little pookie wookie!
RockyRocky was a black lab...born 12-24-98.
I got him as a birthday gift from my daughter-in-law in March of 1999.
He was a very loving and good natured pet for over 11 years.
After dealing with Addisons disease for over 5 years we had to let you go. The house is sure empty without you. Every morning you were sleeping at our bedside and it's hard to wake up and not see you there...we sure miss you big guy. You have all the water and food in doggy heaven you want....we love you.

RoxyRoxy was our 9 year old airedale terrier. She was our special girl. We will miss you!

Gippo In loving memory of ‘Gippo the Circus Dog’…….For those of you that knew Gippo, thanks for making his life special ~ And a special thank-you to everyone at Saukville Vet Clinic for the excellent care, compassion and kindness shown Gippo during his lifetime. Gippo was the best buddy and mascot a girl could ask for, I was very lucky to find him ~ He went everywhere with me and always brought joy and laughter to whoever he met ~ He had such a friendly, sweet nature and was considered a ‘diplomat of the dog world’ with his many canine friends ~ I will treasure the wonderful adventures and memories of the past ten years with this amazing creature, and only wish it could have lasted much longer! Gippo passed on Saturday ~ He will be greatly missed and I am heartbroken ~ He always faced his many health challenges with a stout little heart, but his last days were getting very difficult ~ Now I hope he is free to run, play, dance and chase all those chipmunks to his heart’s content ~ And knowing his Mama will always love him!
ShelbyOur 15 year old Shelby (Sheltie/border collie mix) died on July 21, 2010 very peacefully and on her own. Shelby was born in Florida somewhere on June ? 1995 and when she arrived Fort Myers Humane Society in August one day of that year they called me because I was on a list for a mix breed like her. No if's and or but's I took her home, only to discover she was ridden with the parvo virus. She was an adorable puppy and I felt so bad for her suffering with this illness. Once she over came that she was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and almost underwent surgery but we decided against it and instead exercised her daily with walks and swimming in the Gulf of Mexico. She maintained well and never seem to be too uncomfortable with this defect. She traveled through many states as her owners moved to Wisconsin, her favorite was stopping at some of the coolest waysides to relieve herself. She made many trips to Northern Wisconsin and even South Dakota. Once she even swam with horses in the Gulf of Mexico. She loved boating and being with us as often as she could. Shelby was never a loner, she was part of a pack. Always another dog to chum with until her later years when she wasn't able to attend some of the fun outings because of the stress it would bring to her. We saved her on more than the above mentioned, she also ate Rat poisoning with Shiloh her buddy which took us on an 1 1/2 hour drive to the emergency vet because we were up north, not to mention the cost that was involved in that lifesaver. YIKES! She also survived a stroke a few summers back. Dr. Shepard helped us with this and was very compassionate to our needs and allowances for her care. With the right meds, love and care, she survived another two full years! Amazing! She was a determine trooper and was relentless in being like the rest of the dogs. She would always look like a puppy again after a spring clipping. She walked many miles and lived with me 1/3 of my life. God took her in dignity and in pursuit of an eternal life. She will live on in spirit and in wonderful memories. Thanks to Saukville Veterinary for having this website but also for always being there when I've needed you for the health and well being of our dogs. You were there to make me feel better on so many occasions. Thank YOU!
KnightI would first like to say thanks to everyone at Saukville Vet Clinic. I have no doubt everytime any of my pets were in your care it was the same care they would recieve from me personally. I promise my pets unconditionally that I will return and pick them up and I did everytime until Knights last breath. I will be returning shortly to take him to his final resting place and I am pleased to say that I am sure he is doing well somehwere else. Please post his pic and share with everyone what a top notch vet clinic Saukville is! Knight was my walking buddy he was my silent friend who never complained when I left only cheered upon my return. He encouraged me to walk when it was below freezing and honestly looked the happiest chasing scents everywhere in the snow. He no longer struggles to breathe on those hot days but I am sure misses his swimming pool. For Knight was the only Siberian Husky I knew that loved to swim. The yard may be empty where he used to lay, the walks are more lonely, and the snowstorms wont be the same. However my heart is filled with warmth everytime I remember my walking buddy. I salute Saukville Vet and The Humane Society for all they have done. As time heals all sorrow I will again get another dog but not another Knight. I look forward to seeing you again my friend...Love Goldy
BanditBandit was a Lab/Springer mix and came into our family in 1998. His first year as a puppy was spent chewing up and consuming just about everything in sight. This included a large tube of A&D Ointment used to treat the diaper rash on our infant and which passed through his system as quickly as it went in. Several times during that first year I received calls at work from my wife saying “this dog won’t be here when you get home!” His second year and thereafter lead to him becoming the model dog, only we think somewhere along the line, someone forgot to tell him that he was a dog, not a human being. He enjoyed roaming around our yard and my parent’s yard next door keeping track of what everyone was doing. My dad called this “going on patrol.” He also really enjoyed the camping trips we take several times during the summer. This year’s camping simply will not be the same without him. He was happy, playful and a faithful friend without fail. He will be dearly missed not only by our family and friends, but also by our other dog Sophie, a Yorkie/Shitz Tzu mix, who will miss the daily face washes from Bandit’s tongue. We’re really gonna miss you Ban…”
DiamondsDiamonds, the beloved pet of the Dunco family. Diamonds will be missed.

HollyHolly was the beloved pet of the Weiss family. Holly will be missed.

EmmittThis is in memory of my special guy Emmitt. It has only been a week and a half and I can not believe how much I miss you. Your smile, your sillieness and all the bones you buried were the light of the day. Your silly loud bark and running with that stuffed beagle are truly missed. You are my best friend, Jack misses you greatly. Hope you can run and play at rainbow bridge. 8 years was not enough. Kisses and hugs my little love bug. Love mom, dad, boy, girl, Jack and the cats.

BaxterBaxter baby was not only the best pet I ever had, he was my best friend and companion. My parents gave baxter to me as a birthday present 3 1/2 years ago. he was 9 weeks old and just as sweet as could be. He didn't play like a normal puppy though. I found out when he was 6 months old that he had a genetic bone issue and needed to have surgery on his right front leg to correct it. The surgery went well but his foot stayed crooked. There was no way to fix that. I was told later that year that he was more than likely going to have problems with the rest of his legs especially his hips and he was put on medication to keep the pain to a minimum. I was also told that he was probably going to have to be put down at a early age. He did well for a while and then the pain started getting to him. He was limping off and on, unable to go on walks with me and the kids, couldn't run very much or do most of the things a dog likes to do. Around christmas of 09 he became very lethargic, sleeping most of the day and in alot of pain. I was told that the medication he was taking was the maximum he could have and there was nothing more I could do aside from hip surgery. I did not want to put him through that again so we made him comfortable. 2 weeks ago he could no longer put weight on his right hip. He was hopping around on three legs, unable to climb the stairs, jump up or down on his favorite chair and wasn't eating his food. I came to the very harsh reality that it was time he went home to heaven. Dr. Shepard came out to the house and helped my baby be at peace for the first time in his very short life. I miss him like crazy. Everything in the house reminds me of him and what a special creature he was. No matter how much pain he was in, he would try to hide it and give you love. He would sing along with my daughter while she practiced her instrument, lay on my sons legs so he couldn't move in bed, attack the kids with kisses when they sat on the floor, or just jump up on the couch and snuggle--that was his favorite!!! There is a large hole now in this house and it will never be the same without him here. I love you Baxterbaby with all my heart and soul...i just want one more kiss.....
CaseyCasey, Thank you for finding me after the loss of Bandit. Although you only stayed with us for a short time, you were loved by all of us. I will miss our conversations and the way you would sit under the willow and watch as the world moved on.

BanditBandit, Thank you for 11 great years, and the first 3 that no one thought you would make it through. You ended up being a great dog, playmate for my nephews, and shadow to me everywhere I went. You will have a place in my heart forever.

SargeSarge was a chocolate lab that was given to me when I was 8 years old as a birthday present. We had a lot of good times together and he was always there for me when I needed him. He was a quiet and very friendly dog. He loved going for rides in the car and loved to swim in summer. Sarge gave us 14 wonderful years and he will be greatly missed by the family.

LinusDakota was our first "baby". We had 12 great years with her, and both of our kids have grown up with her in the house. Although she could be a pain in the butt sometimes, we wish she was still here. She was a good dog, and she will be missed by all of us. We weren't ready to say goodbye yet. We know she is in a better place, but it is still hard to think she won't be there to greet us when we open the door. Goodbye pooch. We'll miss you.

KotaKota- we had 11 wonderful years with you- not enough time. You will
always be my special girl.

WillieWillie sadly passed away in June of 2009. His death was a shock since he was only about 7 years old. We only got to know you a few short years, but loved you DEARLY! It was on a whim that we went to look at kittens one day at the Humane Society. I just wanted to peek at the dogs. I walked past them all and got to the last cage and there you were. So tiny and scared! I pointed to the lady and said "that one." I took you in a room and played with you forever. I had to beg Dad to let us have you since he said we'd never own a "fufu" dog, but he came to love you as much as I did. You were so loving with everyone you met and never short of kisses. We'd laugh how we'd have to pry you off of us to stop. Even though you were tiny, you acted like the big protector of our family. Barking like crazy when someone came to the door. But your tough act would only last for a minute or two as I would appologize to our guests and then you were all over them like us. We love you little Will and you will never be far from our hearts. Rest in peace little guy...
LambeauLambeau, a cinnamon (yellow) lab, came to us at six weeks old in 1997 and for the next 12 years gave our family more joy and laughter than any dog owner could ask for. He was gentle and patient. I can still see him "hitched to the wagon" pulling a child or two up and down the driveway. He grieved for our husband and father in 2004, laying by the front or back door for two weeks waiting for Mike to "come home", but he also helped us in our own grief with his loving and kind manner. He is now and will forever more be greatly missed by his family and all who knew him.

SmokeySmokey came to us at 6 months old, He shared my 2 children’s youth and was an important part of our family for 14 years. He is and shall continue to be greatly missed. Smokey was a Cockapoo mix and his temperament was loving and very tolerant, I understand he’s waiting for me at a particular bridge, I look forward to our reuniting.

JackJack was rescued from a dismal existence in Illinois in 2005. He was 7 at the time he entered our home. He turned out to be one of the friendliest, most loving dogs anyone could have. He helped bring our other Samoyed, Molly, out of her shell of fear of people, and the two of them were best friends. Never once did they fight, in fact Jack never fought with anyone. He was so sweet anyone who met him fell immediately in love with him. He was the best dog I have ever owned, and my best friend right up to the end. I will miss Jack right up to the time we cross over the Rainbow Bridge together.

DakotaDakota, was 10 1/2 years old. He was very loved.

CodeeCodee was an Australian Sheppard, 11 years old and came from a ranch in Colorado. There was no better friend and no more loyal dog than Codee. He was always happy to see anyone and ready for a fun day.

ButlerButler came into our lives when we adopted him after a track closing. He was well behaved, loving, and very smart. He was a very good racing dog back in his day with alot of 2nd place and even some first place finishes. After he caught a rabbit in our yard he seemed to act like he was done with all the running and really got into his retirement. He was a true friend and will be dearly missed. I am glad we were able to give him a few years of peaceful retirement.

Lola"Lola" our 11 year old Weimaraner had to be put down this May. Lola came to us when she was 7 and gave us 4 good years as the "Mom" of our pack of three. We will all miss her very much and wish to thank Dr Sheperd, Dr Hinz, Dr Stephani, all the caring tech's and wonderful office ladies for their professionalism and compassion over those 4 tears.

MandyMandy was my friend, my confidant and most of all she never complained when I lost my cool. She was always there and will always be with me. She was a multi-colored Lhasa Apso who for 14 years, never gave up on me, and to the end, never gave up on herself.

AngelAngel, a Great Pyrenees. A very beautiful, fun, friendly, gentle and lovable dog. She loved to play "Queen of the Picnic Table". Sadly missed by all.

MollyMolly was a chocolate brown toy poodle that loved everybody. From the old to the young. She loved going for walks everyday. She loved traveling, camping, and loved to go for walks at Harrington beach and going to Dairy Queen after wards for a little Ice cream. She was a friend and a great companion. She will be missed by all. She was 13 1/2 when she passed.